Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is a crate that Dwayne got for me on an on-line auction site.  He power washed it and then I put orange berry vines and string lights in it and put it on top of the corner entertainment center he built me out of barn wood.  It looks pretty at night.  Another repurposed item.  He is such a wonderful man to not only put up with my collecting (some would call it hoarding but they wouldn't be very nice :( )but he actually helps me when he sees something he knows I'll like.

Here are three more projects I painted that I thought I would share.  None are new but they are to my new blog!  The first is a folk art crow with a star on a pineapple, second is an apple on a teaspoon with a green plaid homespun bow, and  third are two tin tiles with flowers on them.
This is an old door knob and a pretty yellow door plate with a brass handle that I found and Dwayne mounted it on an old piece of barn wood from our old barn!  It's just one of the things we like to repurpose.

These are two pictures I did on screens.  I did them quite a long time ago but I really like them still and I also really like to paint on screen because it's so interesting to see how it will look.
These are the two cutting boards and the little ladder that I bought at the primitives show in Angola IN.

Well, I've gone and done it!!

Well my friends, I've taken the leap and started a blog.  My friend Mary has been urging me to for some time now and I just didn't think I had anything interesting enough to say that the world at large wanted to hear.  I probably don't but the curiosity has finally overtaken my reluctance and so here we are.  I will put some pictures on here of projects as they come along and new goodies I get from all my treasure hunts.  November 13, 2010 was the Pig-In-A-Poke Primitives show.   This year it was in Angola, IN.  Normally it is in Nashville, MI.  I got a few things.  Two old cutting boards and a cute little handcrafted ladder to hang goodies from.  What goodies I don't know yet but that's the fun part!  My friend Melanie went with me and it was fun to introduce her to the world of Prim!  It gave me the urge to make things......  The season is right for it too.  So many ideas and so little time.  Please let me know what you are making these days.