Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crocks? We've got crocks!!

I found these crocks on a lucky stop at a yard sale.  There were 10 of them in various sizes from 25 gallon to just kitchen size.  One of them is a preserving crock with a bail lid and top like on an old mason jar.  I liked them so much but was afraid to spend that much money. I went home and told Dwayne about them and he said you should have just bought all of them.  Well... that really did it.  I couldn't stop thinking about all of the things I could do with them.  Maybe even sell some of them if I don't need them all.  I mean, really, like I NEED one more crock, let alone 10 more!! For a hoarder like me they're like M&M's though.  Well, don't you know I was in my Tahoe the very next day right back to that nice lady's house and I bought every single one she had left.  She had sold a butter churn (darn it!) and another crock before I got back but oh well.  Needless to say she was very happy to see me!!  I also bought the saw in the picture because I have a terrible problem walking away from old tools.  I really shouldn't be allowed out without a guardian on my checkbook but man it's fun and it could be worse.  I could have just blown it all at the casino down the road from where I was LOL!   Well, I haven't even cleaned them all up yet.  They're too heavy to move around much on my own so I'll get to it. The woman I got them from said she was 70 years young and that they belonged to her grandfather who owned a butcher shop in Climax.  That puts them up there in age.  She said she figures around 100 yrs. anyway.  I don't know.  It's hard to research them.  Some of the marks are easily found and easy to learn about but some are impossible so far.  I need a book.   It's fun no matter what!  I know that there will at least be two tree bases for year round trees.  One for the basement and Dwayne's "man cave" with seasonal and/or outdoor theme or whatever ornaments on it.  The other will be upstairs and will be a twig tree or a feather tree decorated seasonally with primitive ornies and scented goodies.  That's the plan anyway.  We will see what happens.  I will sell some of them if anyone is interested.  Contact me-especially if you know anything about them, even if it's just to share info, it'd be great to learn more about them.  Who knew there was so much to learn about crocks and marks?  It's fascinating.  Enjoy!

Here are some recent purchases!

Here are the latest purchases from the craft show and from Black Bird Primitives.  The darling little snowman and the tall black wooden box are from the craft show.  The muslin moon with the bats on it are from BBP.  Love that store!!!  Check it out if you haven't already.  It's just a mile or two north of N drive on Old 27. 

Another rake project.

I've had this little rake for the longest time and couldn't decide what to do with it.  I had a thought to do something with some cinnamon twigs and burlap.  Then went with the jute and rusty tin shapes.  I am a sucker for moons, especially half moons.  It's so little I didn't want to do too much to it.

Another recent project.

I just got a "bright" idea to wrap this old rake I've had stashed away in a corner with some leaves and lights.  Then I just wound a homespun ribbon down through the wrapping.  I like how it turned out pretty well.  It's nicer in the evenings when it's getting darker sooner now.

Just finished painting this.

I finally finished this little project.  It kept bugging me.  I got the wood a long time ago at a yard sale and thought "I could paint something on that"!  It was just in my stash for a long time.  Then I just decided to use it up.  Now I have the bug again, must be the time of year.  I'll post pics of what I got at the craft show at Cornwells and a side trip to Black Bird Primitives (one of my very favorite stores in the world).  Hope you like it.

I'm back!!!! It's been too long.

I'm finally back and posting again.  I didn't think I had anything to say that would be interesting and to be honest....embarrassing as it is....I forgot my password and didn't take the time until this morning to sit down and figure out how to get back on here with a new one!!  I wanted to share something really special with you.  The Springport FFA chapter had an open house on September 19, 2011 to dedicate their newly updated greenhouse and new facilities.  The funds used for the buildings were from memorial funds they had saved from my son Billy (William Shedd) and from other community members who had designated funds for FFA.  It was so nice to see Billy honored in such a way because he was so involved in FFA and was involved in the greenhouse as well.  I wanted to share a picture of the sign they put up at the school in honor of the memory of those whose funds made it possible.