Monday, April 8, 2013

My little things.

 Here is a little oil can I glued some crystals to and just stuck a curled wire in to to hold a picture or whatever I want!  I liked it so much I made it my mission to buy oil cans for the rest of the fall antique shows.  Now I have to get busy and actually make some more of them. 
 Here is an embroidery that I did, really for my husband.  I had the pillowcases from a resale shop and since we like our guns I thought he would like this iron on pattern when I saw it.  It's kind of westerney for his taste but not for me.  I like Cowgirl Chic!

This is a real horseshoe.  I just cleaned it up, painted it and stuck some crystals on it.  I have lots more to do.  many different color schemes to choose from and lots of vintage jewelry to add to it.  Again, I just need to get busy.

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