Thursday, April 18, 2013

The (Almost) Finished Redo

 We are finally almost finished with re-doing the living and dining rooms.  Previously it was white walls, the built in farmhouse cupboards were also white and the carpet was dark green.  Borders were up too.  Now, don't get me wrong....I loved it when we redid the first two times but after ten years it was time for another one!  The woodwork was all sanded down again and re-stained.  Looks much richer now.  Also added a coat of polyurethane this time.  Much easier to dust it.
 The walls in the dining room are one shade lighter than the living room because it's darker in there.  The cupboards look like a piece of furniture now that they are black.  We took the big doors off.  The inside is a nice warm cream color-actually it's called Muslin Wrap so it acually looks the color of muslin.  Anyway the light is new as well.  Planning new little shades soon.  The carpet lightens everything up so well.  See Angel loving her comfy new soft floor!  (Now I can see her when it's dark and I wont trip over her!!) 
 We put the same lights in both rooms.  I think it will be fun to put different decorations like berries etc. for the seasons on them.  This is the view from in the living room looking into the dining room.

Here is a straight on view of the cupboard.  Tater wanted his picture taken too!  We still need new knobs and pulls.  I have some pretty toile paper that is creamy colored with black in the foreground to line the back wall.  Haven't gotten it up yet.  My wonderful brother in law made me some doors that are just basically like screen frames to put back up so you can see through them.  I want to use chicken wire, but the little kind.  Don't know yet where I can get the little hole kind like you see in furniture. Maybe we will get really crazy and put glass in them too!!  Dwayne is going to put lights in there so we can show off all the goodies that we have collected from antique shows and flea markets.  Well, not all.....we would need a couple more cupboards....
There is a nice wax coating on there.  I hope that is the best option.  I like how it has held up on everything I've used it on so far.

I will share more pics and updates as we go .  I hope you like it as much as we do.  It seems like it's a whole new house.  Don't you love fixing things up?  We are doing things as cheaply inexpensively as possible too, for practical reasons and also on principle.  Even if I were rich I don't think I would feel right being extravagant.  Haven't been rich for too long I guess. 
Ahhhh, how beautiful, I just glanced up and the sun is shining.  What a great start for the day.  Blessings and love to all who stop by.

Here is just a quick ray of sunshine.  These bravely peeked out of the dirt to promise that spring is coming.




  2. Thank you for the kind words. It means so much. I love Marsha and am just so happy for you both to be able to be together. How beautiful.