Monday, June 30, 2014

This beautiful Vintage Ephemera

Such gorgeous images

Hello again everyone.  I took longer than planned to share these beauties but finally here they are.
Aren't they gorgeous?  When I walked into this booth and saw packets marked for $1.00 I thought they meant per image inside the package.  I went and asked the people who were selling them and they said it was the whole pack!!!  What?  Really?  Oh my gosh I bought them ALL! I couldn't believe my luck.  She said they were just scraps (Scraps!!!  Perfect for the Junque Queen!!) because if you look closely there may be worn spots or a torn corner.  I thought all paper this age would look like this so I am just pleased as punch to get them.  I am so very careful about touching them even.  I know I'm, weird but they are so old and so precious to me now.  I wonder if I will even be able to part with a lot of them.  I may have to scan them and print them out for use and keep these originals.

See the beautiful Angel at the top?  I love her.

I also was able to get some really pretty doilies and some lace for only $1.00 each too.  Oh if only I had unlimited dollars to shop with.  They would have loved me!  They had so much and so many things I loved.  Lots of paper but plenty of lace and linens at great prices,  They had keys, knobs, pulls, gears, vintage costume jewelry and so much more.  I'm so excited because they will be at the Northville shows and I think she said Davisburg too.  I am definitely going.

There is a bit of the beautiful old lace peeking out here.

Think of all the uses for these as well as the lace.  My fingers are itching to get going on it.  I have so many projects in progress that i get overwhelmed when I walk in to my craft room to do something.  It is much to hard to decide where to start.  Something has to change but I dont know what.  I will get to the bottom of it so I can actually see the floor again eventually and have everything finally organized in some sort of order that makes sense.  I have so many varied interests that I would like to designate areas but i have swiftly been running out of room for the areas to work and it is all blending together.  I guess at this point I would like to just have everything put away in such a manner that I can find it again?..
An overall view of them all.

Well, Here is hoping that inspiration takes over for the craft room and time stands still for the actual making.. and all the projects reflect the joy that goes into them.  Both the joy of finding the various parts that go into them and the joy of creating with them.  Oh, never forget the joy of giving them.  How good it feels when someone likes something you make especially for them and you share the joy of friendship and love.

Don't forget to share some joy today.


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