Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend In The Country

 I just wanted to send a quick note out about Weekend In The Country sponsered by HC Shows (for more info check out www.hcshows.com)  this past weekend, in Lowell, Michigan.  I met my sister from another mother and her husband there and it was just about the most perfect day weather wise you could ask for in an outdoor artisan market.  Beautiful blue skies and cool temperatures that warmed up nicely as the day went on.   There weren't as many vendors at the Lowell event as there are at the Davisburg one, but for this being Lowell's first time, it was pretty respectable.  I hope they do it again next year.  It seems closer, although I haven't checked to see if it is.  There were so many pretty things and such talent and creativity shown.  People always amaze me.  I think that's one of the things I like best about these shows.  The artistry and the work put into what they bring.  I certainly do my part every time to show my appreciation!  I only regret that I can't do more to buy more stuff  finance my fellow crafters and artists...... ahhh, to be rich, but that would be a post for another day.  If anyone has any ideas on how to make that happen feel free to comment below.  Sisters On The Fly (for more info check out www.sistersonthefly.com)  were there with their fun vintage campers and their glamping lifestyle.  I'm not sure I could choose a favorite as each one had something unique about it. They did cooking in dutch oven demos during the day.
After we finished at the show we decided to go to downtown Lowell.  What a darling town!  I never even knew about it.  I had only seen the signs for it and assumed it was just a tiny little place but not so.  It's got sweet antique stores galore and a really impressive restaurand with a nice terrace for outdoor dining next to the river.  Apparently there was a grain mill on the river at one time and it's history is featured prominently in the downtown area.  There is even a big ols fashioned riverboat like you would expect ot see on the Mississippi river there.  There are concerts on the Lowell showboat and other entertainments but I don't know much more.  I'm sure information must be available somewhere online for the industrious web surfer. 
I will be posting my pretty finds in a bit.  I didn't take a picture of them yet but here is a picture of  my friends Valerie and Will downtown Lowell with the riverboat behind them. If you live anywhere around the area it is worth the trip to make a day of shopping and perhaps lunch or dinner there.  Lots of friendly people there.



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